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Commercial Auto

What Does Commercial Auto Cover?

If you and your employees are using vehicles for your business then you need a commercial auto policy. This policy provides liability, property damage, uninsured and physical damage coverages. It also accounts for the business activity and employees operating company vehicles. You can have coverage for a single vehicle or a fleet, depending on what your needs are.

Does Your Business Need a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

A Commercial Auto Insurance policy allows you to account for your businesses activity and offers higher limits than a personal policy to protect your biggest asset. Our carriers offer several optional coverages such as hired auto, non-owned auto, single deductible, cargo coverage and more.

Here are some top examples of when you should have this policy in place:

  • Own vehicles that are registered in company name

  • Using the vehicle to conduct a service like a food truck or utility truck

  • Using the vehicle to transport goods or people for a premium (Uber and Lyft included) Transporting equipment

  • Towing trailer that houses business equipment

  • Employee driving vehicle owned by the business


Our team can walk you through your specific business needs to determine if a Commercial Auto Insurance policy is a good fit for you.

Depending on your business operation, you can add additional endorsements to better protect your business. This policy will not provide coverage for professional liability/E&O. 

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